Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow Sucks in Vancouver

I've been keeping my fingers crossed that Vancouver would not get any snow this winter. Well apparently my wish isn't going to come true! After some brief flurries Sunday and about a centimeter on the ground - and no you don't need to shovel that amount people- the big dump is coming on Monday. The Lower Mainland is expecting upwards of 15cm of snow Monday evening before turning to rain on Tuesday; which shouldn't be messy at all!! It really is entertaining watching all the hype and pandamodium that ensues when the snow flies in Vancouver. Every newscast covers the weather in their first story, adding to the fear. Last winter was indeed a brutal year for snow; it just never seemed to stop. But what's so different this time? We're expecting a few centimeters of snow. Big deal, do we not live in Canada? Is snow not expected in the winter regardless of your locale? Apparently in Vancouver it's big news, while folks in the Interior and other parts of the country laugh at us, and rightfully so. The majority of people around here can't drive properly in the relentless rain, so it's no surprise that they can't handle the winter driving conditions. After twelve days away from work, I get to go back Tuesday- with up to 15cm of snow on the ground and the morning commute. Should be fun, as long as my partner doesn't jump out of the ambulance and road-rage on some unexpecting novice driver who has never seen a snowflake in their life. If you don't feel confident driving in the white stuff, then please stay at home or use public transit. You'll be doing everyone-including yourself- a huge favor!

Location:Port Coquitlam